it’s pleat is

a place to top-up with good energy
we believe that sometimes the world spins a bit too fast. it’s pleat is a friendly place where you can pause in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

we believe in health and wellness in a fun, balanced and open-minded way. our menu is filled with eats and treats that are both super-tasty and good for you.

about feeling good
we believe that some days you need a healthy salad and coconut water. another day you might need a yummy chocolate loaf cake and a cappuccino.

taking care of our people and planet
we believe in taking care of our planet. in our recipes we strive to use as good ingredients as we can, and all food waste is placed in our very own compost.

what you want it to be
we believe that our guests know best and that our job is to provide a place where your mind can escape for a while. sometimes it’s the place for a quick coffee after lunch, another time it’s a spot for the first date. whatever you think it is, it’s pleat.